Rotary Valves

2020-04-30T09:27:52+02:00March 8th, 2020|Accessories|

Rotary Valves: Filcon can supply and deliver a huge range of high quality Rotary Valves, based upon danish technology and manufacturing. Our Danish cooperation Partner is one the leading suppliers of Rotary Valves in Europe with focus on the Clients high demands of Quality, product stability and long lifetime.

Dampers for Flue Gas / air

2020-04-27T20:04:03+02:00November 23rd, 2019|Accessories|

Flue Gas and air dampers: Filcon can supply and deliver butterfly dampers for Flue Gas and Air applications. As all dampers are customizes, Filcon will dimension and design the dampers, according to our Clients request and application. The dampers can be delivered as single or double plate solutions, which complete sealing air systems, which

Flexible Connections

2020-04-27T20:17:31+02:00October 21st, 2019|Accessories, Flexible connections (temperature range 0 – 1.100 dgrC.)|

Filcon can supply and deliver Flexible connection for Flue Gas and Air applications. As all Flexible connections are customized and we dimension / design the dampers connections, according to our Clients request and application. The Flexible connections can be delivered for temperatures up to 1.000°C in round or squared execution. The flexible connections are fabricated

Cooling Towers / Quench / Humidifier

2020-05-14T12:21:47+02:00October 21st, 2019|Accessories|

Cooling Towers / Quench / Humidifiers Cooling Towers are a special design of Heat exchanger, where water is used as media to cool the Air / Gas and achieve a optimized temperature for the following process. As Filcon supplies dry Flue Gas Cleaning systems, based upon injection of absorbent (hydrated Lime / Sodium Bicarbonate)

Grinders / Classifier mills

2020-04-12T10:28:34+02:00October 21st, 2019|Accessories|

When using Sodium Bicarbonate (SBC) as Absorbent in dry Flue Gas cleaning Plants, it’s essential to optimize the product, to fulfill the emissions and reduce the consumption, saving our Clients operational cost. Filcon can supply Grinders / Classifier mills, according to the request and application from our Clients, as stand-alone units or as complete

Dosing equipment

2020-04-12T10:31:48+02:00October 21st, 2019|Accessories|

Dosing Equipment: Filcon have designed and developed a special dosing system for silo’s, which prevents “bridge-building” of the product in the cone area. The dosing equipment are normally used for SBC, Hydrated Lime or AC dosing in Flue Gas plants, but can also be used in other applications, where it’s necessary for our Clients

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