Cooling Towers / Quench / Humidifiers

Cooling Towers are a special design of Heat exchanger, where water is used as media to cool the Air / Gas and achieve a optimized temperature for the following process. As Filcon supplies dry Flue Gas Cleaning systems, based upon injection of absorbent (hydrated Lime / Sodium Bicarbonate) into our Fabric filter modules, it’s necessary to keep the Gas temperature at a certain level for the protection of the Filter media.

Filcon Cooling Towers  are customized, depending on the application and requirements from our Clients.

Water system

Filcon dimension, design and supplies Cooling Towers, incl. complete water systems.

As there in some applications can be a huge difference in the Gas flow during operation of the Boiler, Filcon can supply systems, where each individual injection lanes are surveillance and controlled by our special control system.