Chongqing Yixiang Chemicals Co., Ltd is one of the world leading PetroChemical industries.  For their Liquid Waste Water they signed a contract with Filcon Environmental Engineering (Shanghai) Ltd. Co. for the delivery of a 100% dry absorption and dust removal in 2019.


Due to the new Chinese Governmental Emission Standards, Chongqing Yixiang Chemicals Co., Ltd required a Technical Solution,  fulfilling all local and national emission demands.

Filcon solution and Scope of supply:

Due to the high Boiler capacity / Flue Gas Volume and flexibility during all operational conditions, Filcon supplied three Filter modules of our unique Round structure with a total area of 6,103 m2 for dust Cleaning and dry Absorption.

As the Flue Gas Temperature during maximum condition can reach approx. 200 dgrC, Filcon supplied a cooling tower, securing the optimized temperature for the injection of the Hydrated Lime and projecting the Filter media for a long lifetime.

The plant is equipped with one 80m3 silo for hydrated lime, handling three dosing and injection systems for the injection of lime each filter module.

The complete plant is regulated by the Filcon control system, which can be handled from the central DCS system.

Carrying out:

The complete installation / commissioning was carried out in a close cooperation between Chongqing Yixiang Chemicals Co., Ltd Filcon.

Essential parts, was delivered from Denmark (Europe), and all main components, incl. steel constructions where manufactured locally, as well as the insulation and installation, was carried out by local suppliers, according to the mechanical and electrical supervision by Filcon staff.

All Electrical (MCC) and control cabinets are placed in the lobbies of the three filter modules and connections to the central DCS system.

The start-up of the entire plant was done in a close cooperation between the operational staff of Chongqing Yixiang Chemicals and Filcon‘s electrical Engineers.